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    Outlook FileAs Not 'Sticking' (Outlook (IO) XP SP2)

    As a result of writing code to display contacts in a lookup listbox in Word, I found an anomaly in Outlook.

    I have found that my FileAs settings in Outlook sometimes do not "stick". I just went through every contact I have and at least two or three are still out of whack after I thought I fixed them. This whackiness manifests itself by having a name out of order in my listbox in Word. For example, "Smith, Diane" is stuck in the middle of the "C"s when it should be filed by (and is indeed being alphabetized in Outlook by) the company name -- which begins with a C.

    When I look at the offending contact in the address card view, it appears correctly and correctly alphabetized by the Company Name and followed by the Contact Name on the second line. However, when I look at the record, I see that only the contact name appears in the FileAs field -- even though it is filing by the company name. This causes only the contact name to appear in my list -- but in the wrong place.

    I have reset the FileAs field, clicked Save and Close, and gone back in immediately and found the FileAs reset to the name only. If I reset again, it generally sticks. I have found this happens to me when I change the FileAs criteria on an existing record. A couple of rounds of resetting it usually fixes it. In the normal course of using Outlook, this doesn't seem to be a big deal. However, when I integrate with another program using the FileAs field the shortcoming becomes obvious.

    This is definitely an Outlook thing, because once I change the Outlook entry and it sticks, my Word list works perfectly. There is no code running on the form in Outlook. Could the form be corrupt? I have compacted the pst file -- is there anything else to do?


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    Re: Outlook FileAs Not 'Sticking' (Outlook (IO) XP SP2)

    It is possible that the two or three Contacts are corrupted in some way. I have seen this once personally, and the only fix was to recreate the record as a new Contact from scratch, then delete the old one.
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