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    Using Worksheet Functions in Access (Access 2000,

    I would like to use the "Proper" text function available in Excel in a query I am creating. In searching Access Help the syntax description is not very useful and I'm not understanding what the error message is telling me I need.

    Example expression: (Using the Access Help Syntax results in an error message "You may have enter an operand without and operator")
    Dept: Proper [Current F-S]![Dept1]

    Keith Harris

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    Re: Using Worksheet Functions in Access (Access 2000,

    Excel worksheet functions are not available in Access queries, and you're using incorrect syntax; however, you can use the VBA function StrConv in the following form:<pre>Dept: StrConv([Dept1],3)</pre>

    if no confusion is possible about the origin of Dept1; if Dept1 could be from different tables (or queries), use<pre>Dept: StrConv([Current F-S].[Dept1],3)</pre>

    The second argument 3 stands for proper case; if you were using this function in VBA code, you could use the symbolic constant vbProperCase instead of 3.

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