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Thread: Macro (Word XP)

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    Macro (Word XP)

    I am tring to create a Macro on the tool bar to enable Faxing documents from Word. Although I can create the Macro, instead of Faxing, it prints. I recognise this is because the default setting for print is PRINT so how do I record the Macro so that it selects FAX. I have selected the FAX whilst recording the Macro but I am obviously doing something fundamentally wrong.

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    Re: Macro (Word XP)

    To my knowledge, most fax applications include a printer driver that is used as a target printer for sending faxes. In your macro, the ActivePrinter command needs to contain the name of this fax driver as it appears in the Print dialog window, followed by "on", then the port. For example:
    <pre>ActivePrinter = "FACSYS on Faxprint:" ' Set printer to FacSys
    ActiveDocument.PrintOut ' Print document</pre>

    It might be easier to record this activity, to capture the correct syntax.
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