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    Inserting Graphics in Word Dovuments (XP)

    I have a problem with users copying and pasting graphics (both photographic and graphs from Excel ) into Word documents making them HUGE. I'm sure Woodys done something on this. Can anyone point me at the article ?

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    Re: Inserting Graphics in Word Dovuments (XP)

    I don't recall an article by Woody on this but the Excel objects in Word is a massive metadata risk. If the reader double clicks a graph placed into Word, the entire workbook it came from is opened for review/editing. If you only wanted the reader to see the graph and not all the spreadsheet then this may be a bit of a problem.

    You can remove all this data easily (which will bring the Word file size down considerably) by cutting the graphic and choosing Paste > Special and selecting one of the Picture options. You can avoid the problem in the first place by using the Paste > Special option when bringing in the graphic from Excel.
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    Re: Inserting Graphics in Word Dovuments (XP)

    If you select the graphic and press Shift+F9 and it turns into a field, e.g., [b]{

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