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    XP Logoff (Professional SP1)

    HI, I couldn't find a search facility on the site so I'll just have to ask ... does anyone know how to disable or increase the time it takes for XP to logout as I find it quite irritating to keep having to enter my password to get back into the system. A 30 minute delay would be better.

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    Re: XP Logoff (Professional SP1)

    About the search facility, see <!post=Temporary suspension of Search facility,250092>Temporary suspension of Search facility<!/post>.

    Right-click an empty part of the desktop.
    Select Properties.
    Activate the Screen Saver tab.
    Change the time in the Wait box.
    Click OK.

    Note: if you're on a corporate network, it is quite possible that the network administrators have disabled the possibility to change this; it is even possible that you don't see the Screen Saver tab in Display Properties.

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    Re: XP Logoff (Professional SP1)

    This would be related to: Screen Saver password protection (display settings); suspend/hibernate time (power management settings). Visit those parts of the control panel and see if they do what you need.

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    Re: XP Logoff (Professional SP1)


    Shutdown may need a minimum of time to properly end processes--see:

    305788: HOW TO: Increase Shutdown Time So That Processes Can Quit Properly in Windows XP

    324493: HOW TO: Change the Windows Logon Screen Saver in Windows XP and Change the Logon Screensaver Timeout Time

    Windows XP Boot Problems and Edits

    You may get some help from Jim Eschelman's

    Windows XP Shutdown Troubleshooter


    308029: Resources to Help Troubleshoot Shutdown Problems in Windows XP

    307274: Windows XP Stops Responding (Hangs) During Windows Shutdown

    315664: Computer Does Not Shut Down Properly if Selective Suspend Is Enabled

    Change the Logon Screen Saver Timeout Time

    You can also change the time that elapses before the logon screen saver starts. The default setting is 600 seconds (10 minutes).

    To change the length of time before the logon screen saver starts, follow these steps.

    WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

    Click Start, and then click Run.
    In the Open box, type regedt32, and then click OK.
    In the Registry Editor window, locate the following registry key:
    HKEY_USERSDEFAULTControl PanelDesktop

    In the right pane, double-click ScreenSaveTimeOut.
    In the Edit String dialog box that appears, type the number of seconds after which you want the screen saver to start in the Value data box, and then click OK. For example, if you want the screen saver to start after 5 minutes, type 300.
    Click Exit on the File menu to quit Registry Editor.
    The length of time that elapses before the logon screen saver starts is changed to the value that you specified.


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    Re: XP Logoff (Professional SP1)

    <img src=/S/hello.gif border=0 alt=hello width=25 height=29> Hi SMBP, greats links, thank you <img src=/S/thankyou.gif border=0 alt=thankyou width=40 height=15>

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