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    Change default template (Word 2000)

    How do you change it so that when word opens it doesn't use the template to create the default page but uses a different template?

    I would rather not copy my new template and rename it as Is there some way or setting that can be altered within word to tell it not to use when opening the default page at startup but to use a different template?

    I have read the information on this within words help files, and what it says there doesn't work.

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    Re: Change default template (Word 2000)

    By default, Word will always load and use it for a lot of things.

    If you want Word to open with a new document based on another template, you must modify the shortcut you use to start Word. Its target should look like this, with the appropriate paths substituted:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeWinword.exe" /t"C:My"

    But if you click the New button on the toolbar, Word will still use, AutoText entries will be stored in, etc.

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