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    SQL Tools (2002)

    I'm looking for some suggestions on what SQL tools some of you use. I'm an Oracle PL/SQL developer new to Access and Windows programming. There are some really great database tools that I've used for queries and development, I'm wondering what's available for free or at least inexpensive for Access. I downloaded WinSQL and I think it would probably meet my needs, but I also read some posts about query tools written in Access. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: SQL Tools (2002)

    Welcome to the world of Access. I believe that most people working strictly with Access use the standard Query designer - at least I do. I should also indicate that I am referring to .mdb files - if you are working with ADP front-ends to SQL Server backends, users have the choice of working in Access to design queries, or they can work in SQL Server enterprise manager. There are quite a few utilities that have been created by different companies (we've even done a couple) that are popular - FMS Analyzer and Speed Ferret as well as Microsoft Visio for doing analysis work on a database. There are also several companies that offer ActiveX controls that work with Access front-ends. I'm sure others will add info about tools they use.

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