I recently started getting an error message while importing a large file into my disk based web:

"An error occurred accessing your FrontPage web files. Authors - if authoring against a web server, please contact the webmaster for this server's site. WebMasters - please see the server's system log for more details".

When I check the Application Event Log, I see FrontPage 4.0 Event ID 1000:
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions:
Received empty response from Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions

I'm sure I experienced this error in the past, but I don't remember the solution. The error only occurs when importing files greater than 1 MB in size.

After Googling a bit, it seems this is a common error, but there is no solution. It also appears it may be related to a recent Windows security update.

Some responses indicate that the error message can be safely ignored, and that the files really do get imported. My file did NOT get copied. I had to manually copy the file into the correct directory using Windows Explorer.

I'm curious if anyone here is aware of this problem, or knows a solution to the problem.