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    importing graphics

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to switch off the default 'float over text' setting in the Format Picture/Position dialogue box? I import a lot of PostScript plots via GhostView and a) it seems impossible to switch off; It seems impossible to macro and button the sequence.

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    Re: importing graphics

    There is no simple switch or memory for this but macros can certainly do it for you. The problem is that there are multiple ways to insert graphics without floating and each needs to be attacked to cover the bases (not all are possible). The best source for how to do this is in Woody Leonhard's book "Word 97 Annoyances" (it still hasn't been updated, most likely because Word2000 is so similar). This book is a great investment.

    If you let us know how YOU insert the graphics, we will tell you the hack for that entry point.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Re: importing graphics

    Thanks - Copy in Ghostview puts a 'bitmapped' version of a PostScript graphic on the Clipboard see help entry:

    The GSview window can be copied to the Clipboard as a bitmap
    by selecting Copy from the Edit menu.
    The bitmap will be a Device Independent Bitmap (DIB/BMP format).

    I then simply paste it onto the Word page.

    <font color=6495ed>text</font color=6495ed><font face="Comic Sans MS">text</font face=comic>

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