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    Unstable slide shows (Powerpoint XP (2002) - SP2)

    I have just upgraded my laptop's hard disk and, at the same time, have taken my OS to Windows XP Professional, SP1 (the previous hard disk had Windows 2000 Professional installed on it).

    I now have a problem when running a PP slideshow, whether transferred from the old disk or created completely afresh.

    The slide changes are not always responding to mouse clicks/key presses etc. At times, the system fails to display all the text on a slide and, where it is shown, the text characters are not crisp and clear. For example, text written in Times New Roman font can appear to be "hairy".

    I have checked with Toshiba, the laptop manufacturers, and they say that they have no knowledge of any problem with the hardware or drivers and, as it only occurs in a PP slideshow, the problem must be with PowerPoint.

    I have checked to make sure that both Windows XP and Office XP are up to date.

    The files that I create run fine on other systems, running Windows XP and Office XP.

    I am at a complete loss as to the cause, and thereby the solution, to the problem and if anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.



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    Re: Unstable slide shows (Powerpoint XP (2002) - SP2)

    I think this is probably a combination of things.

    For the responding to mouseclicks/key presses, try updating to the latest version of Direct X.

    For the failing to display all text on the slide, try updating video drivers and perhaps also changing hardware acceleration.

    For the "hairy" text, try turning off the laptop's "clear type" option.

    Finally, I'd say Toshiba is blowing smoke if they think it's just a PPT problem, especially since, as you mentioned, "The files that I create run fine on other systems."

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