This is just for an fyi -- if anyone's interested.
I found that a "delete" bug (or two) that I didn't know existed in Access 2K, seem(s) to be the same that was biting me in my Access XP on a 2k machine. At least, by moving the database over to an XP machine, all seems to work now ... read on for more info if you are interested.
I had a delete button, in which I "setwarnings" on just in case. The delete button functioned fine if I opened the form as a standalone, I received the "Confirm?" message for deletions. However, when nested as a subform, it was as if I had Setwarnings False -- the delete button deleted w/ no confirmation. (No other code was turning warnings off, and it was turned on by default, anyway.) I think if I added a breakpoint, it did work -- but that was odd, because I hadn't put any following code that it could run ahead to. I finally decided to use the "BeforeDeleteConfirm" event, and was stunned when even that failed to produce a confirmation. Finding help on it was horrible, but I finally found that Access 2k had two or three delete bugs that were corrected with Access 2k SP1 -- and I actually ran into two of them in my setup (Access XP SP2 on Win2k) sort of. They weren't _exactly_ the same, but close enough. ARGH! (well, all's well, now ..)