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    Trend Charts (2002)

    Is there any way to turn a the lines of a line graph to arrows? We want to create a sales trend graph for presentation purposes and have the end point be an arrow. If not, any other ideas?

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    Re: Trend Charts (2002)

    The only ways I know:
    add a drawing of a line with the arrow though this is not live

    to make a "live version"
    Instead of using a line chart, you could use a XY-scatter and then "draw the line"
    The attached has a simple example. You need to:
    calc the slope /intercept of trend line (In D1/D2, uses slope/intercept functions)
    enter starting point X-value of line(D5)
    enter starting X-value of Arrow(D6)
    enter Length of X-value of arrow(D8)
    enter Width of X-value of arrow(D9)
    Calc the perp to slope (G1 = -1/D1)
    Calc the Intercept of perp at arrow start (G2 = D6*($D$1-$G$1)+$D$2)

    In H5:I11 I "draw the line to make a line with an arrowhead"
    The line starts at min X,Y
    Goes to start of arrow, goes to lower part of left arrow head, to arrow tip, to lower part of right arrowhead, to the line and then to the arrow head tip.

    The calcs use the appropriate slope/intercept for trend of perpendicular, and has a "check" to adjust the calc if the slope of the trend = 0.


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