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Thread: File security

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    File security

    My office intranet has several drives divided up for each work group/department to utilize for shared document access. Each department has selected individules that can access the other departments drives. This policy has gotten very loose, anyone can aquire access to any drive they would like to view by asking, no permission required. I would like to be able to lock or setup permissions to access specific "files" on my departments drive. The "Special Edition Using Microsoft Office XP" book talks about "password protection by encrypting a file" (pg 172), but I don't see the explation to do so. I would consider any avenue to keep specific "files" secure, ie; naming a file so it will be hidden, specific permissions, password etc.

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    Re: File security

    What file system is running on the intranet server? NTFS lets you secure folders by group or individual user, in a very detailed manner. When you right click the folder you'll get a permissions tab and it will tap your local list of groups and users (e.g., from an NT PDC or from Active Directory). The FAT/FAT32 file system does not let you do this. The only control you have there is on the network share.

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