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    logon to domain (win xp pro / linux)

    i have just set up a linuxs server and its was working great untill i rebooted my pc i typed my user name and password in and then i had to wait a long time to loggon but it only does this on my xp machine the widows 200 machines login super fast and it also only dose it the once. for example i logon to my account then logof and logon as someone else and the in as quick as all the other compters untill i reboot is there a way to speed things up or is it just windows actting up plz help

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    Re: logon to domain (win xp pro / linux)

    Being over 40, I find it hard to read posts that have no punctuation. That aside...

    Does Windows XP display any helpful progress messages during the slowness? Does it mention having any problems mapping drives to the LINUX server?

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    Re: logon to domain (win xp pro / linux)

    Lots of questions, to help gain a bit more understanding of what's going on here...

    Does the PC log in locally and then map the disks on the linux server, or is there a domain controller involved?
    If you disconnect all the disks before shutting down then does the delay occur when you log in or when you map the disks?
    If you disconnect all the disks and flush the PC name cache (nbtstat -R in a command window) and logout, is the next login slow?
    Is the Linux server the only server on your network?
    Do you have DNS or WINS software running? On the Linux server or somewhere else?
    What linux software are using to support the client logins?


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