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    Finding Jet 4.0 Service pack 3

    Howdy folks,

    We're being asked to check all the systems on our network to see if any of them have Microsoft Access Database Driver (Jet 4.0 Service Pack 3) installed on them. These systems are all running Windows NT 4.0 Client. Does anyone know how we could go about checking for this? Is there a specific file we can search for, or an ODBC driver, or something?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Re: Finding Jet 4.0 Service pack 3

    If MS Jet 4.0 is present, there will be a file MSJET40.DLL in C:WinNTSystem32. If you right-click this file and select Properties, the version tab will display the version. The following table shows which version number belongs to which service pack:

    <table border=1><td>Msjet40.dll Version</td><td>Jet 4.0 Service Pack Level</td><td>4.0.2927.4</td><td>Service Pack 3 (SP3)</td><td>4.0.3714.7</td><td>Service Pack 4 (SP4)</td><td>4.0.4431.1 or 4.0.4431.3</td><td>Service Pack 5 (SP5)</td><td>4.0.6218.0</td><td>Service Pack 6 (SP6)</td><td>4.0.7328.0</td><td>Service Pack 7 (SP7)</td><td>4.0.8015.0</td><td>Service Pack 8 (SP8)</td></table>
    See How To: Obtain the Latest Service Pack for the Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine for details.

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