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    Create your own Wizard in Word (Word 2002)

    We want to build a wizard similar in appearance to the Microsoft wizards and wondered if there is a download available to help your create your own wizard? Did some searching on Microsoft's site but couldn't find anything there.


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    Re: Create your own Wizard in Word (Word 2002)

    The Developer version of Office 2000 came with a wizard builder. It was the style that involves a column of colored boxes on the left, and a black-and-white color scheme, not the more sophisticated looking style with the image on the left and the smooth 3D background.

    You probably can find articles on how to build your own wizards with VB/VBA UserForms. I've done one set where there actually are 4 (plus) separate forms (two the same, the third step has a choice of three, and some choices lead to a fourth step). To preserve values between forms, I used global variables (declared Public at the top of a regular module), but there are other ways to do it if you prefer not to use global variables. Places to search for articles would include,, and the web at large.

    I also have used the multi-page control to create a "one-form" wizard, but actually I find that harder to use because if the user has "random access" to any tab at any time, you have to code for a lot of potential conditions.

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