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    Text box alignment where anchored to cell (2000 SR1)

    I have a text box that needs to be aligned to the Top Left corner of the page. This is easy when anchored to normal text - select the text box, Format, Text Box, Layout tab, Advanced button, Horizontal Absolute position 0 to the left of Page, Vertical Absolute position 0 below Page.
    However, I have a long, multipage table. So I anchor the text box to the first cell on that page (click in the cell, draw the text box). Word seems to treat the table *as* the page, so anchoring it to 0,0 to the page actually positions it over the table. If I drag the box to the real edge-of-page, it's position is marked as-2.99cm to the left of page and -2.56cm below the page. <img src=/S/disappointed.gif border=0 alt=disappointed width=15 height=15>
    Is this a Word bug? Is there an easy solution?
    I'm doing this via VBA, so I need some consistency (sometimes I have text boxes not anchored from within a cell)

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    Re: Text box alignment where anchored to cell (2000 SR1)

    If you set Text Wrapping for the table to Around instead of None, you can position the text box relative to the page. Another option is to convert the text box to a frame.

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