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    Adding accumulated totals (Excel XP)

    I have a spreadsheet that is doing a simple sum to come up with total hours for the day. This is a spreadsheet to be used daily. My user also wants to keep a running total of the hours for each day (an accumulation). So in cell B5 I have a total that is adding up a group of cells. B5 is the total for the day. In Cell K5 she want a the running total. So like.. Monday's total was 21 (cell K5 is 21) and Tuesdays is 14 (cell K5 should be 35) and Wednesday is 10 (K5 should be 45). She want to take whatever is in cell K5+B5 and put it back in K5. How can I do this?

    I hope I explained this? difficult to put into words.


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    Re: Adding accumulated totals (Excel XP)

    This would need to use a macro.
    What cells will she be changing? [It looks like C, D, I, J].

    One automatic way:
    You could create a macro to (whenever C,D, I, J is changed) that K would be incremented by the amount put into the cell.

    Is this what she is after?
    The warning to this is that it could be prone to typos. If you would enter 150 into cell C5 it would add 150 to K5. If she noticed her mistake and entered in 15 it would not correct the mistake, it would compound it by adding another 15 to the value.

    Another option, is to have have 1 macro that is clicked at the end of the day (or start of the new day), that would add the items from Col B to Col K. The warning for this is remembering if you ran it or not and how you would check -you could save the date/time the macro was last run on the spreadsheet and even warn if the time period is less than 1 day (or whatever time period)

    If you give some more details, we could help with the coding.

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