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    2 modules, 1 OnLoad property (A2002)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by ppem on 05-Dec-03 14:03. )</P>One of my forms needs to access two different modules when it loads. Both of these modules are ones I have imported into my database. One is a add-in which creates the following in the form's OnLoad property: =aadInitialiseSmartForm([Form]). The second reference needs to be to a NotInList module that requires the following in the OnLoad property: =acbCheckOpenArgs([Form]).

    This is the first time I've needed to use them together on the same form and I am not having any luck finding out how to do that in the reference material I'm looking at. Can anyone help me out here?

    Running into a similar problem when I need to create an OnCurrent event to a form but the OnCurrent property is already referring to a basModule.


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    Re: 2 modules, 1 OnLoad property (A2002)


    You can solve this as follows:
    - Clear the form's On Load property
    - Select Event Procedure from the dropdown list of the On Load event
    - Click the builder button (the three dots ... to the right of the dropdown arrow.)
    - The Visual Basic Editor will be activated.
    - Complete the event procedure to look as follows:

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    aadInitialiseSmartForm Me
    acbCheckOpenArgs Me
    End Sub

    In an expression, you refer to the form itself as [Form], but in VBA, you use Me for this purpose. You can handle the On Current event in a similar way.

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