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    Mixing Versions (Outlook 2003)

    My office has 20 computers all using either Office 2000 or Office XP. While be don't need all the bells and whistles (or expense) of Office 2003, we are considering upgrading Outlook to Outlook 2003 based on the rave reviews.

    Will there be any problems mixing "versions"? Using Word 2002 with Outlook 2003, et cetera.

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    Re: Mixing Versions (Outlook 2003)

    First, I think it's too soon to say. The number of people with that configuration seems likely to be small by comparison to those who use Word 2003 and Outlook 2003 together. So I'm not sure we have enough experience base to know whether it will work smoothly.

    Second, there was a long thread during the past two months on the General Office Solutions board about mixing Office 2003 applications with earlier versions which both rehearsed the convention wisdom and included some more promising statements from Microsoft or somebody. See if you can find that discussion; it might help.

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