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    Office won't run

    i guess i did something stupid, but it seemed a fine idea at the time...

    i have a laptop with no cd rom drive, on which i had to install office 2000 (office 97 was already installed). so, i slapped it in a docking station (win nt network), mapped a drive to my workstation cd rom, in which i'd placed the office 2000 cd, and ran the install.

    consequently, the office apps run fine when the laptop is connected to the network. however, they don't run otherwise; i get the error "this application must be installed to run. please run setup from the location where you originally installed the application."

    why is this happening and what might i do to fix it?

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    Re: Office won't run

    it sounds like you have it set to run from cd. you need to install locally. rerun setup and choose the custom setup. select everything you think you'll ever want to use to be installed.

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    Re: Office won't run

    What's the OS?
    Office could have been installed as a per-user installation for the network logon user, which could be different than the logon user when you are not connected to the network. If you are running NT/2000 you need to do a per-machine installation so that anyone that logs onto the machine can use Office. If you are running Win9x, then you could be running into a problem with profiles.


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