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    API-Viewers (Word97+)

    I'd like to "hook up" my utility libraries of procedures to a device like the API-GUIDE (API-Guide.exe) or API-VIEWER (ApiViewer2001.exe). I like the layout of the Api-Guide.

    I already have code that analyses templates (removing dead-wood, sorting procedures by name, cross-referencing procedures, trawling the hard drive harvesting procedures etc etc etc) so the prospect of going through my hard drive doesn't faze me.

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has attempted to (i) build an API-documentation file suitable for either viewer or (ii) has attempted to document their library of procedures in a style similar to that adopted by either party.

    Right now my easiest path seems to be to use my existing code to trawl the drive once a month, harvesting code, picking up new procedures, and then building an API-documentation from the code.

    As usual, I'm also seeking willing guinea pigs^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H alpha-testers (Hi Brooke!) to essay with my attempts.

    (My current mode of operation is to muse "I KNOW I have something that loads all files of a pth to an array or a list box. What is it called? Where would I start looking?" Then I open up a library and PgUp function-by-function, or soemtimes try Edit-Find, but all too often I can't think of a key word.)

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    Re: API-Viewers (Word97+)

    Too bad you're still using 97, Chris. The 2000 and 2002 Office Developer editions included a nifty tool call Code Librarian (also in Visual Studio, I believe). You could store code there and index it with keywords. It makes the search much faster and easier, although it won't keep your existing code up to date.

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