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    Propagating Changes (97)

    I am a teacher and I am using an Access database to store my test questions. When I set this up, I created a separate database for each subject; although, each database has the same structure and same queries/tables. This might not be the best structure from an Access standpoint but it made sense to me since I keep all the material for each subject is a separate set of subdirectories.

    I use an online system called WebCT for much of my testing. Each time there is an upgrade to WebCT, I need to go back and make changes to these databases so they can take advantage of the latest features of WebCT.

    Due to my setup of having a separate database for each subject, I end up making the same changes several different times. I can Copy/Paste simple changes to queries but changes to the database structure cannot be handled that way.

    Right now, I go in and manually change each database. Is there an easier way to propagate the changes?

    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Propagating Changes (97)

    I think you're stuck with manual changes unless you are VBA-proficient and can write a routine to open each database and apply the changes. Even that would have to be changed each time unless you have a table driven routine set up to store the changes that need to be made and then process them, with another table in each database to indicate that the changes had been made. If you had set the questions up in a single database, you would be much better off because you would only have to make the changes once.

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