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    VBA in Excel 2003? (Excel 2003)

    Have heard that VBA in its current incarnation is at some point going away, and am trying to understand exactly what's going to happen. In terms of the Excel object model, presumably that's still accessible(?). Is it basically that VBA still exists, but it's moved out from the hosting workbook into a separate file? If so, is that the case with Excel 2003, or does that happen with the next version of Excel? Or is Visual Studio .NET 2003 going to be needed for VBA type application development?
    Questions, questions, questions.
    TIA, and if somebody knows of a link to an explanation of what's in store for us, that would be fine.


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    Re: VBA in Excel 2003? (Excel 2003)

    Excel 2003 has the VBA you have been used to since Excel 97,including the VBE.

    The next version of Excel will also host normal VBA.

    But As from XL2003, one can use Visual Studio to develop solutions for Office, provided one het the Office extensions installed.

    Maybe in future MS will make the move to another programming system for Office, but it is highly unlikely we will loose VBA along that route in the near future, just like XL4 macros are still supported even in XL2003.
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