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    Background (97)

    Does anybody know how to add a picture to the background of a form? The form already exists and has a number of text boxes which i want to cover the picture. Many thanks,

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    Re: Background (97)

    Open the form in design view. Don't click on anything inside the form.
    Activate the Properties window.
    Activate the Format tab (if necessary).
    Scroll down until you see the Picture property.
    Click in this property, then click the builder button (the three dots ...)
    Select a picture.
    The Picture type property determines whether the picture is stored in the database or linked to the source file.
    The Picture Size Mode property determines whether the picture fills the window or not.
    The Picture Alignment property determines where the picture is positioned if it does not fill the window.
    The Picture Tiling property determines whether the picture is repeated.

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    Re: Background (97)

    Hans has detailed all the information for you, but I thought I would add some extra advice.
    It is not clear from your post whether you will be adding images to one or all of your forms.

    If only the one form is in question then it's not really an issue, although the form may take a liitle more time to open or paint the picture.

    If multiple forms are intended to have picture backgrounds then your database efficiency my suffer flicking in and out of different forms.

    I would do some testing first to see if you really want to set a forms picture or not.

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