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    Increasing File Size -2

    JackieC's original thread seemed to get off track, so forgive me for starting anew. I too have a report, only 22 pages, with at most 1500 K of jpgs that now weighs in at a humungus 30 megs. Tracking is off, embedding fonts is off, and fastsaves are off. Also, I tried saving it as an RTF and it went up to 1.2 GIG!

    Originally I put in a bmp that was 2 megs. REalizing this, I converted the bmp to a jpg at 120K. Note that when i replaced the large image with the small one there was only a minimal change in the total files size - maye 20K. This seems to me that the jpgs are being saved as something much larger. So, is there any way to force Word to save a file in its native format?

    Thanks, Michael

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    Re: Increasing File Size -2

    I have read that Word compresses BMP files. Web formats, on the other hand, apparently require OLE objects to be inserted along with them. I recently looked at embedding the firm logo in a Word document. Result: although the BMP file was slightly bigger than the JPG file, the .DOC containing the JPG file was bigger by 37K to 30K. Your mileage may vary; these are small images (JPG was 14K).

    Anyway, to rescue your document, does a copy & paste into a new document create a slimmer version?

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