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    Report fields in given order (2000)

    Hi, I have a report that has grouping by a given field, this field only has three entries, for illustration say; Andy, Barry, Carry. Due to the significance of these three entries I need them ordered on the report with Barry first, Andy second and Carry third. As you can see sorting by alpha won't work, how can I have them ordered as required. The report source is a query.

    Thanks Darren.

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    Re: Report fields in given order (2000)

    Do you have a field that indicates the "significance" of these entries, or from which it could be derived? If not, you could create such a field, and group on that instead of on the name.

    <table border=1><td>Name</td><td>Seq</td><td>Andy</td><td align=center>2</td><td>Barry</td><td align=center>1</td><td>Carry</td><td align=center>3</td></table>
    Depending on the situation, you could create a table like above, and add that to your query.

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