...am just recovering from one of the biggest frights of my life (computer-wise). Normal switch-on : Invalid System Disk etc. ???I think. No possibility of DOS, not a sign of dual loading. Eventually tried to 'repair' my Win2k installation : not to be found. Sole recourse : re-install. When the menu came up showing the partitions, my Win98SE and Win2k boot drives had changed places. The C: drive was now Win2k pure, which is why my system couldn't find anything to boot. Continued to load another Win2k, and eventually got a desktop of sorts. Yup, Drive C & H had somehow swapped places. All files were still intact.
What had I been doing just before the last boot? I seemed to remember being in Disk Manager. Went back there and confirmed that my two main drives had mixed themselves up. Then I noticed a Menu option near the one I'd been using to change the names of my drives : Make Partition Active. On the off- chance, I made my now drive H (containing the dual boot info, and what used to be C Active and shut down. I have rarely known such relief (except when a rogue hippo trampled my tent when I wasn't in it) as when everything reverted to normal.
Anybody know a suitable votive offering to the cyber-gods?