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    Meter symbols Hi, Medium Low (2000)

    I want to yse some clip art that will display a meter-like symbol for varying levels of usage of a value. That is, I want to create a stop light type report, using various symbols to indicate the level of which an entry is using another value...for example: I have 150 projects, each in a row of Excel, and depending on the number of hours remaining, I want to depict that by a varying size and/or color of a clip art item, or if there are available meters which show red green red colors I could conditionally use those. At the present time, I am more interested in finding the actual clipart symbols to use to demonstrate my concept to some of my developers. Any suggestions on where I can find the symbols or clipart? Thanks.

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    Re: Meter symbols Hi, Medium Low (2000)

    There are lots of clip art sources
    google on clip art
    check in Office
    Printing and card programs have lots, you can get older copies for next to nothing.


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