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    Using combo box as query parameter

    Using Access 97
    I'm trying to create a form which in essence, has a buttonand a combo box on it. When a selection is made from the combo box, the button is clicked and a record is displayed on a data entry form.

    The combo box contains first and last names and the form contains all other fields describing a person; address phone ...

    My problem is that even though I use forms!frmAdmin!cboPatients as the paramater in the query, my form doesn't display the selected record.

    the onclick event has these lines in it.

    doCmd.OpenForm "frmName", acNormal
    forms!frmName.recordSource = qryNames

    This is pretty basic, but I still can't get it to work.

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    Re: Using combo box as query parameter

    2 things to check:
    1) Even though the combo box shows a certain value, it's possible that the actual value is coming from a different column in the RowSource, even a hidden column. Check into the RowSource property of the combo box.

    2) This may or may not be a valid issue, but double check the line you used to set the RecordSource property of the form. It should probably read:<pre>Form_frmName.RecordSource = qryNames</pre>

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