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    Restrict Document in Word XP (2002 SP-2)

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the new Restrict Document option is only available in Word 2003. We had a user yesterday who is running Word XP SP-2 and was having problems saving a document. When we took a look at her screen, File > Restrict Document was an option. Can someone please straighten me out? I looked at the MS site and did a search with Word XP and Restrict Document and the only thing I could find was information on track changes and the Tools > Options > Security information.
    Any ideas?
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    Re: Restrict Document in Word XP (2002 SP-2)

    Restrict Document is indeed new in Word 2003 - it is part of the new Information Rights Management (IRM) technology in Office 2003. I have no idea how the menu item ended up in Word 2002, unless the document contains menu customizations.

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