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    No Design view allowed (Access 2000)

    Is there a way with out using security to set a form so a user can't view it in the design view? Is this possible? Thanks..

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    Re: No Design view allowed (Access 2000)

    User-level security isn't as difficult as it seems, and it's really the best way to go about this. But there are several alternatives:
    <UL><LI>Conver the database to an MDE. In an MDE database, the design of forms, reports and modules can't be viewed or modified. It is still possible to view and modify the design of tables and queries. You would have to keep a copy of the original MDB, for if you ever need to modify the design of a form, report or module, you will have to do this in the MDB, then create a new MDE from it.
    <LI>Set startup options in Tools | Startup...:
    - Set the database to open a form automatically.
    - Hide the database window.
    - Don't display full menus and tooolbars.
    - Disable keyboard shortcuts such as F11 to activate the database window.
    Normally, you can bypass the startup options by keeping Shift depressed while opening the database, but you can disable even that (you would have to create some kind of backdoor, otherwise you will have locked yourself out too!) Users would still be able to import forms into another database and study their design.[/list]HTH

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