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    Form with Several Tabs (A2K)

    I have an application with a main form that includes 10 tabs. The application currently has 4 versions of this form: 1 is for input, the tabs appear based on data entered in a previous tab; the others are inquiry / edit with different selection / search criteria, e.g. most recent entered first, by name, selected records. There is a lot of VBA code behind the forms to edit the data and control tab display. It takes a long time to compile the application. I want to minimize the effort to maintain the forms and make the application run more efficiently.

    Is there a way to have one form with the selection criteria dynamically selected, e.g. change the underlying query? Can the form VBA be moved to a common module - I use the Me!field name reference extensively.

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    Re: Form with Several Tabs (A2K)

    a) You can set a where-condition when opening the form using DoCmd.OpenForm:

    DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:="frmMyForm", WhereCondition:="LastName = " & Chr(34) & "Jansen" & Chr(34)

    [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] You can change the record source of a form on the fly:

    Me.RecordSource = "OtherQuery"

    c) You will have to adapt your code if you want to move parts of it to a standard module, since "Me" has no meaning in a standard module. In many cases, you can use CodeContextObject instead of Me.

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