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    Creating Relationships (2000)

    Are there any pros and cons with a table appearing more than once in the relationship window? I want to do this to make the confusing web of relationships in an application that I have inherited easier to understand but I am worried that there may be some hidden downside.


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    Re: Creating Relationships (2000)

    There is no cut-and-dried answer to that, but in general, I wouldn't think that it causes problems for Access itself.

    Sometimes, you need to establish more than one relationship between two tables. This will be the case if you want to use the same lookup table for different fields. Access will visualize this by displaying multiple copies of the lookup table in the Relationships window, each with a link to a different field in the main table. Since this is the way Access handles this situation, there is nothing against it.

    On the other hand, it is quite possible to add a table twice or more to the Relationships window by accident - clicking too often, for example. Although this doesn't do harm, it makes it more difficult to view the relationships, so it would be a good idea to remove tables not connected to any other table from the Relationships window.

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