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    Different colors for tracked changes (Word XP)

    Howdy folks,

    My company recently migrated from Word 97 to Word XP, and one of the features we've lost--and miss--involves tracked changes. In 97 inserted text could be formatted as a different color from deleted text. In XP, the dialog doesn't allow different colors for inserted vs. deleted text, just different colors for each editor. Is there a way to over-ride this, and restore the 97 functionality?

    Please bear in mind, I'd need to deploy this to a few thousand machines....



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    Re: Different colors for tracked changes (Word XP)

    Word 2002 behaves differently from previous versions in many respects, and not all changes are generally liked. Track changes is one of them. You can't customize the colors in the interface any more, but it can still be done in VBA. The following macro by MVP Shauna Kelly sets deleted text to red, strikethrough and inserted text to blue. You can modify it if you like.

    Sub CustomizeTrackChangesColors()
    With Application.Options
    .DeletedTextMark = wdDeletedTextMarkStrikeThrough
    .DeletedTextColor = wdRed
    .InsertedTextMark = wdInsertedTextMarkColorOnly
    .InsertedTextColor = wdBlue
    End With
    End Sub

    Should you want to go back to the standard Word 2002 formatting, just select Tools | Options, Track Changes tab, and click OK.

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