I've rewritten my installation stuff, and am looking for beta-testers.

I often wonder how you guys install templates.

I have three main users:

1) Myself; I continually edit and upgrade the name of my application and developer tools, Under214.dot becomes Under215.dot, and I want that more recent template available in my Startup folder NOW - and I'd like any earlier versions to be disabled.

2) Beta-testers - usually a client, may not be Word-savvy, who is asking for a stream of enhancements, and who receives from me, maybe once a day, the latest version. I don't expect Dr. Tran to spend a lot of time dragging and renaming files, let alone wondering where MSWord's Startup folder sits.

3) Public downloads, if any, from my web site; I may have zero contact with someone who visits, downloads, and steals off into the night.

I have re-written IMove.dot, for which I have attached a short UserGuide.

If you'd like to see how it works, I'd be happy to share it. You get the source code.