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    Individual account permissions (XP Pro 2002 SP1)

    I have my account set up (admin) along with 1 for each of my kids. I understand why I can only install software using my account, but many apps and games can only be USED under my account as well! Latest issue is with Age of Empires II - my son bought it with his own money but he can only play it logged into XP as me. Where in XP Pro can I go to change whatever settings I need to so that certain programs can be run using ANYONE'S account - not just mine?

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    Re: Individual account permissions (XP Pro 2002 SP

    Try going to the application folders. These should be in Program Files. Right-click on each parent folder for each game and turn to the Security tab. Any change should propagate through to sub-folders. You may well also have to do this with the shortcuts on the Start Menu. In this case, you may well find it simpler working with the Start Menu(s) through Windows Explorer.

    The classic route is to have a Group of Users in which your children fall. You should then grant permission to that Group. This also is better security against Highjacks. The quick solution is to give permission to Everyone. In order to set up groups, open the Administrative Options folder - which should be in the Administrator's Start Menu - and open Computer Management. If Administrative Options aren't accessible, either enable it by customising the Start Menu (right-click & choose Properties) or type


    in the box that opens under Start|Run. Drill down to Groups - as shown in the attachment - and set a new Group (using the Groups folder, not the Users).


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