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    Hibernates by itself (XP Home)

    New emachines T2542 enters hibernation? or some other state by itself at random times and won't restart. Num Lock light on keyboard remains lit and monitor says it is not receiving a signal from PC. Have to turn off all power for over an hour then restart. System restarts where it was when it hibernated or shut down. All hibernation settings are off. Power settings are set to Always On

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    Re: Hibernates by itself (XP Home)

    It sounds a bit like a hardware failure to me - possibly psu if it takes that long to reset, but maybe CPU overheating, RAM or HD failure, or an IRQ conflict.
    As it is new, have you checked with the supplier?

    Is there any consistency to when it 'hangs'? - i.e. after x hours of use, after x hours of non-use, etc.
    Have you added any hardware since purchasing it?
    Do you have a UPS or power supply filter? If not, are you near any electrical equipment that could be putting interference onto the supply?

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