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    Office 2003 Update Version (Office 2003)

    The story so far:
    A long time ago I bought Office 95, then Office 97 as an upgrade, then Office 2000 as an upgrade. Office 2000 crashed, so I needed to reinstall it. But since it was an upgrade, it wouldn't install since it couldn't find Office 97. You guessed it, same story with Office 97, so I successively installed and replaced 95 then 97 then 2000. Needless to say, this did not endear me to Mr. Gates.
    I'm now about to buy Office 2003 and am seriously considering buying the full version to stop the madness. Three questions:
    1. Does the upgrade version of Office 2003 also insist on finding the previous version before it will install?
    2. If so, is there an executable that I can store from Office 2000 and then copy back, to avoid the full chain described above?
    3. Or are we into a brave new world where regardless of the version, I have to call Microsoft in order to reinstall the software?


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    Re: Office 2003 Update Version (Office 2003)

    If you could reinstall 95 and 97, then you must have had the Diskettes or CD. Excell 2000 should have accpted you putting the diskette or CD in a drive and pointing to it. It should have then installed. I don't know about 2003 since I refuse to install any product that includes the Registration/Activation Wizard, but it should do the same thing.
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