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    Page Numbering - start at (Word 2000)

    If I insert a {pagenum} field, the numbers start at 1. If I want the page numbers to start at, say 44, I have to go to (in Word 2000 anyway): Insert | Page Numbers | Format and only there set the starting value.

    There has got to be a direct way to do this, no? Does the "start at" value 'live' somewhere in the field? The document? Or is the Page Numbers | Format menu really the only way to get at this?


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    Re: Page Numbering - start at (Word 2000)

    As far as I know, there is no more direct way. Either use Insert | Page Numbers..., Format..., or use VBA code. The starting page number is a property of the section that contains the page number, it is not a property of the page number field. It couldn't be: page numbers exist even if you don't have a page number field.

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