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    Distr List from Category (Outlook 2000)

    I have hundreds of contacts in Outlook grouped into Categories. I would like to quickly create an email distribution list for each of the categories. For example I have customers grouped into geographic areas, such as Out-Of-State. I'd like to send an email to every contact with that Category. Is there a way to easily select members for a distribution list using the category field?

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    Re: Distr List from Category (Outlook 2000)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by JohnBF on 16-Dec-03 11:05. Sorry, I see that I didn't answer your question as put, which is how to create a DL from a Category. However, if you use the answer I suggested, it works as well as creating a DL.)</P>Select the Contacts folder, select View | Current View | By Category, then select all in the appropriate Category, select Action, New Message to Contact, bingo!
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