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    form / subform calculation (Access 97 SR1)

    Hi can anyone help. I am fairly new to Access but have managed to create a Database which calculates information from an e-mailed invoice. However the report I created calculates cost, VAT and total. Then there is a sub form within the report that calculates the same for any re funds or additional charges ( they are laid out differently so cannot be added to the main list). What I cannot do is what seems like a simple calculation to add the two sets of figures together.
    Example in main report Total

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    Re: form / subform calculation (Access 97 SR1)

    The answer to your problem is pretty much dependent on the data structure you have - I presume you have refunds in a different table than the primary items based on your description. In that case I would put a sum expression in the footer of your subform, and then reference that subform control in the expression where you are calculating the grand total. If this doesn't make sense or doesn't fit your situation, post back with more details about your structure, and also about the report (I presume that what you are working on) you are trying to build.

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