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    Runtime XP - activex controls (2002 )

    I'm just going through my first experience with access XP run so are new to the runtime environment.

    I have successfully created a package, test installed the package (on another clean application free PC). The database runs fine with the exception of one form which contains a calendar control (MSCAL.OCX) When you attempt to add a new record it falls over. The message refers to this MSCAL.OCX activex control.

    I tested removing this control and references from the db - put the db on the other PC and everything runs fine. So I can only assume that I am doing something wrong. I've surfed the dbforums but can't find any help/ideas.

    Has anyone some experience with runtime and activex control installation etc... that could help me resolve the err of my ways?

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    Re: Runtime XP - activex controls (2002 )

    Most of us who work with runtime installations don't use the Microsoft-provided wizard to package the setups. I've used both InstallShield and Wise installers and at work we use Wise with SageKey scripts. If you aren't ready for that expense (or scripting), take a look at InstallShield Express, which is wizard driver but much more powerful than the MS wizard.

    That version of the calendar control may not be installed on a target machine, or you may have run into one of the crotchets of the MS packaging wizard. The prior version of the calendar control had a different name, so you have to be sure to distribute the correct version with your runtime. Also take a look at this MSKB article: BUG: Office XP Version of Mscal.ocx Breaks Binary Compatibility For Early Bound Clients, which describes another gotcha for the XP version of the calendar control..

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