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    File comparison (Access 2000)

    Can anyone suggest a way that I could see what data has been changed in a table since the last time an export of the table occurred? Let me explain. I have a db that has a table that is exported from time to time. The last time the file was exported the data was corrupted (it put some add characters in some of the cells). I fixed the corruption by compacting the db. This rasied a red flag because there was no qualtiy check of the exported data. Now they would like to view any changes made to the table that were made before it is exported. Is there an way to do this? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks very much...

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    Re: File comparison (Access 2000)

    You can create a query to compare fieldsin both versions. If you have a lot of fields, this quickly becomes tedious.

    An alternative is to export both tables to Excel and use (for example) the free Compare add-in from Chip Pearson's website.

    There are also utilities to compare database tables, for example Total Access Detective from FMS Inc.

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