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    Recycle Bin and Drive Letters (Pro)

    A cry for help!

    I found this very well-written explanation of my problem through Googe Groups but alas - there are no replies!

    I have the same problems only I have one E: drive (which I have converted to C: using subst)

    I hope you can help me.

    Thanks so much!

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    I have a problem to which I know the CAUSE, but not the solution!

    Background: I have 2 hard disks. Where most people have C: and D:, my C: got re-lettered to g: by mistake when I formatted it before installing XP, so XP is now on G: and I don't have a C:

    This causes its own problem - not having a C: causes explorer/IE not to diplay icons next to files in favourites and some pop-up dialogs. The solution is to set up a virtual drive from the command line using "subst c: g:". This this gives me a C: in My Computer which is a mirror image of G: and can be used as if it were a
    physical drive.

    When files are deleted from D:, recycle bin behaviour is normal, but with files from G: (or C, the recycle bin hides the files and refreshes about 1/sec. I can empty the recycle bin and the confirmation dialog queries the right number of files for deletion, even though I can only see those files on D:. I cannot however, restore the C: or G: files as I can't see them to select them.

    Clicking "Restore all files" restores any files to D: but not C:/G:. Further attempts to restore the remaining C:/G: files result only in the Windows error beep.

    I need one of two solutions:

    1. A fix for the erroneous recycle bin behaviour, caused, I presume, because the "offending" files appear to exist twice on the system.

    2. A way of re-lettering g: back to c: WITHOUT re-installing XP. It's the system and boot volume, so the letter can't be canged from comupter management, like other drives...


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    Re: Recycle Bin and Drive Letters (Pro)

    Have you tried a third party program such as Partition Magic, to change Drive Letters? At this point, thats the only thing I can think of, short of doing a Clean Install. I'm not understanding how you did it in the 1st place. but I would try Partition Magic 1st. I'm suprized thats the only problem you are having.

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