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    Always Print Gridlines (2002 (10.4302.4219) SP-2)

    Oh, ye of great learning,
    In this season of spiritual yearning, I long to know why Microsoft makes me visit Page Setup, Sheet, Print Gridlines everytime I create a spreadsheet and want to print gridlines.

    Is there a way short of creating a macro and running it at startup, to make this a default? I have perused the registry and not found a setting (AlwaysPrintGridlines =1) If only ...

    All responses gratefully acknowledged in advance ...

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    Re: Always Print Gridlines (2002 (10.4302.4219) SP-2)

    You can create a workbook Book.xlt and a worksheet Sheet.xlt that will be used as the model for each new workbook and worksheet that you create. See MSKB article New Worksheet Previewed and Printed Without Gridlines for a description of how to do this.

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