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    Lines and Text not Printing properly (Word 2002 )

    Greetings all,

    I have several computer users who are having trouble printing California Pleadings. The documents might be anywhere from 4 to 40 pages, and they have lines going down both sides of the page in the header, plus a table on the first page which has borders on two sides of one table cell.

    What happens is the document looks perfect in print layout view and print preview, but when they print, the lines only print partially or not at all, and some of the text looks splotchy -- it prints the right characters, but they're missing parts and distorted in size. If the user closes and then reopens Word , or prints to another printer, it may print just fine (or not -- it's inconsistent.).

    I don't know the exact printer model, but I know they're using HP4L printer drivers as the "lowest common denominator" of all their printers.

    Any ideas what causes this and if it would be an actual problem in the document, or something to do with system memory/printer drivers? (And if it's a system memory issue, would that come from something being WRONG with the doucment?)

    Thanks so much for any help!


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    Re: Lines and Text not Printing properly (Word 2002 )

    It's tough when it's inconsistent. What actual printers are you using? If I recall correctly, the "4L" model was the "low cost" home model and the font substitutions might work differently than the more full featured 4 and 4M (the latter having PostScript fonts, the M meaning Macintosh).

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