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    Access97 & IE5 API Help

    Wondering if anyone could help with Access Automation into IE5.

    My Issue:
    I use an application at work which is ASP based e-mail handling system. I am a manager in that department and I am in charge of quality control, so I am always highlighting, copy pasting the text data off of IE5 into an Access97 DB that I made.

    I would like to automate this process and I can get the hWnd property of the IE5 window in question through the FindWindow function in VB. There are 6 frames in the IE5 window and I need to know how to Identify the frame, then maneuver to each frame, highlight all the information, then copy paste into Excel for sorting prior to appending into Access. I know how to use the copy/paste through the clipboard and VB, but I just can't seem to get anywhere after obtaining the hWnd property for the correct window and how to move between the frames and highlight all information in that frame.

    Any Help is appreciated.


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    Re: Access97 & IE5 API Help

    I do not see a native VBA way to do this, and I am not sufficiently familiar with the Windows API to know how to get the text out of a frame in a window for which you have the hWnd.

    An alternate way to do this might be to create a VBScript program that would run in a separate document in your browser, like a toolbar. Running in the context of IE you should have a much easier time referring to the "documents" you want to copy, and you have the capability of writing text files (assuming your page resides on a trusted system).

    Hopefully someone will have a better idea.

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