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    Importing long numbers from Excel (2000)

    I'm having problems importing a number from Excel which is 13 digits long into Access. When the cell is imported, Access displays the number with a decimal point and extra numbers. For example, in Excel, the number is 6830013778183 and when it is imported into Access turns into 6.830013778183E+12. How do I get Access to show the number as in Excel?

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    Re: Importing long numbers from Excel (2000)

    Set the Format property for the field containing the number to Fixed, and the Decimal Places property to 0.

    By the way, the default display (number format set to General) in Excel is 6.83001E12; you have to set the number format to Number with 0 decimal places to see 6830013778183. So the behavior of Access and Excel is not very different in this respect.

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