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    Capitalised words in Contacts become 'title' case (XP 2002)

    Many of my contacts in the UAE work in companies known by their initials. ADNH (Abu Dhabi National Hotels), ADMA-OPCO and ADCO are just a few examples. Many of these contacts have become corrupted to Adnh, Adma-opco and Adco. Others, like ADNOC Fin have been only partially corrupted. Many are uncorrupted. Similarly, my use of "PO Box" in the first line of the address has become, almost universally, "Po Box".

    I have tried to correlate this with an entry's age (many of these entries are at least 10 years old), but I really don't have accurate data to work with because I periodically correct an address if I am going to use it, eg printing an address lable.

    Has anybody any idea what is going on and how to prevent it?

    BTW, I manually archive Outlook entries using one of Woody's techniques which involves renaming the current .pst file, renaming a blank .pst file and dragging the entries I want to keep to the new .pst file. This has a concommitant disadvantage that the address book icon can't find the contacts in the new file. Any ideas?

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    Re: Capitalised words in Contacts become 'title' c

    On your BTW, are you right-clicking on the Contacts folder, selecting Properties, and amking sure that the box Show this folder as an Outlook Address Book is checked?

    I regret I don't have enough data to respond to your other question. One possibility of a fix is doing a mass export to a CSV file. The CSV file could be opened in Excel - where you could do a bulk search and replace. Then, back up your old Contacts folder and reimport the data. It is possible that you may have some problems with fields appearing in the right boxes when you reimport, but this may give you a fresh start.

    Hope This Helps

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